5 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Writer Today

Dysfunctional Literacy

He’s grinning because he hasn’t noticed any of his mistakes yet. (image via wikimedia) He’s grinning because he hasn’t noticed any of his mistakes yet. (image via wikimedia)

It’s easy for most writers to be negative.   It’s tough to make enough money to earn a living.   We’re never satisfied with what we’ve written.  No matter how many people read and respond to our work, it’s never enough.  But even with these challenges, it’s better to be a writer today than it’s ever been.

1. Writing is physically easier than it’s ever been.

Authors used to have to physically hold a pencil or a pen and physically write out each word on a sheet of paper.  Even worse, back in the really old days, writers had to dip quills into ink and then got beaten by monks if they made a mistake.

I’m not sure that ever really happened because there’s no ancient video footage of monks beating writers who made mistakes.  If there’s no…

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2. i understand

i understand you probably felt the way i used to feel when things went wrong when everyting seemed far from good
i understand you had all those kind of though moments in your life you wish you could have fight them back
i understand what must had felt the darkness, the doubt, the desire to leave it all, to let people go
i cant thank you for passing the feelings, the truamas to me but i understand believe me i understand
i forgave you long ago, because i know.. i finally now.. all the things im struggling to push away you had no other choice
but to stop thinking about you and live for someone else.. still dont know if im being selfish for never wanting to think like that
but what you have done, what youve become.. i understand and its ok not to be ok